Who We Are

We are internally wired to ethically pursue superior quality service delivery and prompt response to our customer needs; therefore, through our services and technical guidance, we have been providing holistic solution to environmental management issue.


    • International Solid waste Association (ISWA)
    • Waste Managers Society of Nigeria (WAMASON)
    • Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAM)
    • National Environmental Society (NES)

Management Team

Femi Kinrin G.S. (CWMgr)

[Managing Consultant / CEO] is a seasoned environmentalist with BSc Geography & Planning and a specialization in environmental resources management from Lagos State University. Msc (Environmental Resource Planning), University of Jos with special focus on waste management. He studied MBA in Corporate Governance in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). He is currently a researcher on Sustainable waste management, a consultant per excellence and teacher of sustainable environmental Values.
He is a chartered member of the internationally reputable Waste Managers Society of Nigeria (WAMASON); a professional body of waste managers affiliated to International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). He is a member of Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAM).
Also, He is an active participant of the annual Stakeholder Forum of National Environmental Standards Regulations and Enforcement Agency (NESREA); he is the convener of 'CCC' Viz Clean Culture Conference, Clean Culture Clinic, Clean Culture Contest, Clean Culture Club and Clean Culture Campaign. He is mentored by proficient and reliable hands in the environmental industry .
He is an actively participant in numerous environmental development fora and training organized by United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD), Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), National Environmental Standards Regulations and Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Waste Managers Society of Nigeria (WAMASON), by extension,member of International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and International Partnership on Expanding Waste Management for Local Authorities (IPLA) to mention just a few.
He currently serves on several working committees on waste minimisation and recycling as well as waste collection and handling to mention just a few.
As a consultant on the environment, he speak and teach environmental issues with authority among children and adult in schools, religious settings, financial and non financial institutions, parent-teachers’ fora, community based associations, trade unions etc. He is an environmental consultant and a teacher you would love to meet as he solve environmental puzzles with passion.
In addition to being an ex-banker, He has over 20 years of dedicated study and services in environmental management.
He is currently leading Spotlex World for global best practice.


Julliet Kinrin

[Chief Operations Officer]

Studied Computer Science from Bayero University, Kano & English Language from National Open University of Nigeria(NOUN) 


Mr. Yusuf Pamancha


Hajia Khairat Ainmashaun-Ajiboye


Dr. Khamil Omitoogun


Mr. Bello Funsho Oluwaseyi


Ms. Juliet S. Guful



From creation, God commanded man to keep the environment spotless (clean) but suddenly, man through civilization and urbanization have not only neglected these commands, but also create unthinkable disease through irresponsible and careless environmental management attitude which threatens his very existence with ever-growing epidemics and other treats that follows. Prevention is not only better than cure, but also much safer and cheaper: so, the solution to these threats has come throughSPOTLEX WORLD.
Business Ethics
Against all odds, we place high premium on integrity, utmost promptitude, best practices, and strict professionalism with clients in all business relationships.
MAN POWER: Spotlex world is managed by a blend of professional with outstanding dossier supported by a crop of well-trained vision driven rapid response collectorsand cleanerswho have an eye and passion for a Spotless environment. Also, our ever friendly client service is there for your works and support.
We set no limits in focus but constantly maximize our potential at achieving a truly spotless environment with our skilled   personnel, services delivery and a touch of class irrespective of client status, locations or budget constraints till we exceed the limits in your minds. Yes, our capacity is beyond the limits you set.
The acquisition of adequate equipment cannot be overemphasized; rather it is the bedrock of efficient and effective service delivery. So we possess and are still committed to acquiring more state- of- the- art equipment for rapid response services.
without distance barrier, we pick up wastes at collection point on assigned days of the week. Also, rapid response operation arrangement is made available to client for “emergency attention” especially for wastes or services that can’t wait till scheduled days. Also unregistered/one off client can enjoy our services at just a token.

Why Choose Us


Quick response to customer needs guaranteed.


    Unsurpassed procedures for a safe & healthy environment.

AAffordable and convenient. Consultancy & operations that meet your needs.


Latest technology in equipments & suplies that saves money.


Innovative approaches that meet global best practices.


Training of all employees - Your jobs are handled by trained professionals.


Yield-focus client service guaranteed.