Services Overview

environmental management services is for everyone who use the environment and needs good health. So they include YOU and your home, companies, Markets, schools etc..


at a very friendly cost, we undertake personalized waste collection for an enhanced and cleaner environment for your convenience and benefits. Services include: Household Waste Collection, Bio-medical/Clinical Waste Collection, Industrial Waste Collection, Communal/Public Waste Collection, landfill engineering, Waste Processing & Recycling etc.

CLEANING SERVICES: Office Cleaning, Domestic Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Pre & Post Habitation Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, House-Keeping, Before & After Party Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Post Fumigation Cleaning, Professional Training of Cleaners.

FUMIGATION SERVICES: : Odourless Fumigation & Toxic Fumigation against pest, rodent, reptile & weed control for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools etc, we also carry out Professional training of fumigators.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES: Environmental Audit, Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA], Environmental & Social Impact Assessment [ESIA], Producers Responsibilities Organization [PRO], Environmental Management Plan [EMP], Environmental social Management Plan [ESMP], Environmental Education & Advocacy etc.

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Other Services

MOBILE TOILET SERVICE & SEPTIC SYESTEM MANAGEMENT: We offer advanced & mobile toilet services at parties and public places. Besides, deploy bioclean septic, an advance biotechnological way of treating septic system. It is the most effective, efficient and cost friendly way to manage septic system with a convincing proof. It secures boreholes & wells from nitrate intrusion hence eliminating noxious back odours from toilet & septic system; this process turns faeces and other solids to clean odorless water which is harmless even when pumped to public drainage system, rather could be used to organically fertilize garden. This is an advance technology that is the world preference over the common endemic pumping out or evacuation of faeces.

GARDENING SERVICES: lawn mowing, bush cutting, grass cutting, flowering and dressing etc

SALES OF SANITARY MATERIALS & TOOLS: We deal in sales and supplies of cleaning and sanitary consumables, tools & equipment.