is to raise environmental consciousness through advocacy with excellent and cost effective environmental management services


is to be the African clear leader of clean culture in environmental management industry by 2030

Core Value

Care for the environment.
Unequalled advocacy for clean culture.
Reliable and efficient service delivery.

Action Plan

  • We carry out services that promote a change of attitude in favour of credible and responsible environmental care.


We are your dependable professional firm in environmental management, consultancy and pollution control with a push for attitudinal change to reclaim a safe environment. We are managed by a blend of professionals with over 20 years of practical and professional understanding in environmental management services.
We are vision driven, passion fueled, result oriented and duty bound to contribute notably in the joint global effort for a totally safe environment.
Therefore, we are leading a clean culture in your interest through preventive medicine (environmental management services).
To power this commitment in addition to our operational and consultancy services, we pioneer the Clean Culture concept (a none profit Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project) namely;
 Clean Culture campaign
 Clean Culture Contest
 Clean Culture Conference
 Clean Culture Clinic
 Clean Culture Club

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Clean Culture Campaign:
A regular corporate social responsibility project wherein we embark on sanitary advocacy and free sanitary services especially in communities that are violent against the environment.

Clean Culture Conference:
An annual Conference that attracts a coalition of stakeholders to proffer a solution to the current culture of environmental mismanagement, it focuses on changing personal attitude that will ultimately change the world for a safe environmental management practice.

Clean Culture Club:
A club to raise role models and environmental patriots that will live and lead the culture of environmental care in accordance with world best practices.

Clean Culture Contest:
is a level platform organized to reward excellent environmental practices and knowledge. Moreover, it involves competitions like quiz, debate and practical exhibitions projected towards world best practice of waste to wealth.
The reward range from monetary, scholarship, local/international excursions to award of excellence as the case maybe.

Clean Culture Clinic:
Is a frequent public sensitization program to galvanize public synergy for responsible environmental care through electronic media and other medium. The platform is also for assessment of public conduct in environmental management practices on location to location bases for correction and reward.

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Clean Culture Conference
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  • Clean Culture Concepts
    Clean Culture Conference|Clean Culture Contest|Clean CultureClinic |Clean Culture Club|Clean Culture Campaign.
  • Progressive Research
    Turn waste into a useful end product .
  • New Innovations
    Use tablets to eliminate waste from your septic system and be freed permanently from soak-away evacuation.