A properly done pest control has to last for 90 days.

The method of pest control is different from other pest. Rodents die by stomach but other pests die by contact.

2 or 3 bedroom differ in size, square area differ based on design, it could be 3,000 square meter,5,000 square meter even 20,000 square meter or less hence the cost differs and can’t be given by guess work. Besides there are other factors that is considered while costing for cleaning. Therefore it requires the professional who wants to clean to inspect the site to know what would be required to cost for it.

The square area of the tile of glass, the kind of fittings, tiles, terrazzo, stainless steels, marbles etc. besides how dirty the place is impact a lot on the cost of cleaning.

Yes, we have every machine we need to clean any site.

Yes, however real professional understands the right chemical and its application.

Yes we work anywhere.

Waste Management, Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Environmental Management Training and Consultancy (Environmental Audit, Environmental Management Plan, Environmental Impact Assessment, Training of Pest Control Technicians, Cleaners, Waste Managers, Gardening Services Etc.

Yes with our state of the art equipment, we can clean you upholsteries and dry it immediately without bringing them out of your apartment and it will not smell.

No, inspection is free, except if it requires that we travel a long distance

We may do if we have a good number of clients to start with

No, your registration is exclusively yours, you cannot co-opt others without the consent of the service provider

No, your payment category determines your waste volume

We would notify you of the reason as well as the new date without altering the number of time schedule per week or month.

We may come back only on your request but at a cost to be paid by you and subject to our work load.

We can only determine the day we are coming; the time is determined by work load and the route plan for the day.

At least 3 months upfront payment and if you choose to make it one year upfront you will enjoy one month discount.

No, the law does not allow un trained persons to handle chemicals because of the inherent danger, besides the right chemical in the hand of an untrained person is like a loaded rand of ammunition in the hand of a toddler.

Usually 8 hours, whether it is odorless or non-odorless chemical. However professionally it is advisable for the asthmatic, infant (Age 0-5), The pregnant and the aged to stay away for up to 24 hours even when the fumigants are public health fumigants.

Yes, only public health chemicals are approved for homes, agro chemicals are not recommended. Besides there are a lot of ban chemicals in the Market which most people especially quacks use.

They are mostly highly injurious to the untargeted community and person above all they are mostly cancer ingenious

Yes, if discovered in good time but there are no universal antidote therefore contact a professional in such an event

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