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SERVICE AGREEMENT FOR WASTE COLLECTION : My registration is personal and exclusive, I can not sublet or cohort others. I Know I shall make my payment upfront, However, I shall invoke the Spotlex World MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE if I am Justifiably unsatisfied. I may be billed for services in excess of the agreed volume if need be. I shall package my waste decently in bags. If I add any undisclosed services or category, It shall be negotiated. Spotlex World shall not be held accountable for my failures to keep my waste as agreed. Spotlex World may have reason to change collection days but shall duly inform me of the change

If your payment expires, would you want Spotlex World to automatically stop the collection of your waste until you pay for renewal? Note that payment in arrears attract 20% interest per month, However, it is subject to our credit policy. Be that as it may, all debt must be cleared before you can terminate the contract.

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